Meet Becki

I was born and raised in the Boston area and received my Bachelors Degree from Elon University in North Carolina. I continued my education and training at the University of Southern California where I received my Master in Social Work. I have lived in Los Angeles for the last nine years and I feel so lucky to be able to call this place home.

Today, you'll most often find me with my dog, Rufus, hiking, at the beach, spending time with family and friends, or traveling around the world. I love to laugh and think humor can be a vital part of the healing process. 

One thing my own mental health journey has taught me is that we all have the ability to heal, we are never "too broken" or "too damaged".  I firmly believe that by embracing our innate resiliency, we can work towards overcoming the parts of our past that may be holding us back.

Background and Training

I specialize in helping young adults heal from past trauma, overcome feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem and will work with you to acquire skills that will support you in navigating the highs and lows that life throws at us. I have a special interest in working with individuals seeking to heal their relationship with food, body, and movement.

I come from a person centered and trauma informed perspective, emphasizing collaborative relationships and self-empowerment. By assisting my clients in embracing their uniqueness, we can begin to work on overcoming barriers that may have prevented them from fully participating in their lives. I believe in truth without judgement and hope to help cultivate a safe space for you to explore the various complexities of life.

My part in your journey is to listen, compassionately challenge and guide, based on your goals and your desires in life. I wholeheartedly believe that maintaining balance and wellness is achievable.

Meet Rufus. Her hobbies include: sunbathing, belly rubs, car rides and snacks.

Curious about therapy and want to know more?

Rebecca Kennedy, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #95510 

Los Angeles Based, In Person & Tele-Health Therapy
1849 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 610, Los Angeles, CA 

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